About us

DEEPSEA GROUP is a Russian-Iranian group of companies with a ten-year history specializing in business with the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia.

We began our activity as a small group of like-minded people united by a common idea - to strengthen the prestige of Russian business in the eastern entrepreneurial market. Now the DEEPSEA GROUP is a team of specialists of various nationalities who speak different languages and have rich professional experience and broad views on doing business.

Our activity

  • Delivering a wide variety of goods to the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia - from food products to petroleum products.
  • Importing products to Russia.
  • Working with companies under sanctions.
  • Finding individual financial solutions for each partner.


30 companies

in the client portfolio

Over 50 items

of supplied products

10 years experience

with the Middle East

DEEPSEA GROUP is trusted and collaborates with public and private entities.

DEEPSEA GROUP: reliability, decency and trust for many years.