The Russian exporter company offers: wheat from Russia on favorable terms. Exported wheat undergoes strict quality control and meets all international standards. Wheat quality and safety indicators are confirmed by laboratory tests. Wheat is certified and does not contain GMOs. We have prepared for you a special offer for the purchase of wheat, find out about it right now - just contact us.

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Wheat, Russia
Wheat, Russia






Wheat (lat. Tríticum) - a leading food agriculture, numbering thousands of varieties. In its production, Russia is in third place in the world. Most of the harvest collected in the Russian Federation is food grain and only a small proportion is feed grain. A quarter of the crops is winter wheat. It is most stably collected by the North Caucasus and Chernozemye. Deep-Sea-Trade LLC exports to Iran grain of food and fodder class. If you need a reliable supplier, contact us.


The company Deep-Sea-Trade LLC exports from Russia food and feed wheat that meets the following technical specifications:

Food wheat GOST Р 52554-2006

  • Test weight: from 780 g / l
  • Protein: from 12.5%
  • Crude gluten: from 26%
  • Moisture: up to 14%
  • Extraneous inclusions: up to 1%
  • Drop number: from 250 sec
  • Sprouted grains: up to 2%
  • Grains damaged by pests: up to 1%
  • Grains damaged by heating: up to 0.4%
  • Aflatoxin total: up to 10 mg / kg / Aflatoxin B1: up to 5 mg / kg

GOST 9353-90 feed wheat

  • Test weight: from 745 g / l
  • The content of wheat grains of other types: up to 10%
  • Moisture: up to 14.5%
  • Weed admixture: up to 5.0%
  • Grain admixture: up to 15%
  • Drop number: up to 80 sec
  • Aflatoxin total: up to 20 mg / kg / Aflatoxin B1: up to 5 mg / kg

The wheat quality and safety indicators presented in this section may vary. For the latest information, contact us.

Terms of delivery and prices

Wheat is exported from Russia under the following conditions:

  • Exporting company: Deep-Sea-Trade LLC
  • Transport: sea
  • Delivery Terms (Incoterms 2010): FOB / CFR / CIF
  • Quantity to order: from 3000 t
  • Price: from 11 000 rub / t

All prices and delivery conditions are for reference only. Specify information - contact us.

Product photos